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  1. Please make a video: Moses vs. Muhammad

    1. I have never responded to these type of posts, but I thought it would be hilarious to see (Pugsley) from the Adams Family and (Eddie Munster) from The Munsters.

  2. You should do a battle of Brain (from Pinkey and the Brain) vs. Dogbert (Dilbert) vs. Stewie (family guy)

  3. i love you guys what would be funny is if eminem vs mnm

  4. Steven hawking vs Charles xavier

    Neo (chosen one) vs Jesus (messiah)

    Chucky vs stewie (family guy)

    Gandhi vs avatar last airbender

    Smurfs vs Alvin & chipmunks

    Indiana Jones vs crocodile Dundee

    Robocop vs optimus prime

    Hulk vs shrek vs yoda

    Michael Jackson vs Elvis

    Judge dredd vs batman the dark knight

    Forest Gump vs rocky balboua

    Morpheus vs nelson mandela

    Captain kirk vs captain pickard

    Darth Vader vs Darth maul

  5. Al Capone vs Tony Montana (scarface:the world is yours)

  6. Please it would be soooo funny thanx

  7. Osama bin laden vs Jesus that would be cool

  8. i wouldn’t think you would reply but i am a really big fan of you guys so i hope you do answer my questi

  9. Dear Peter & Lloyd I think you guys should make a rap battle like all greek stuff like Zeus VS Posiedon or Zeus VS Poseidon Vs Hades all in one or Spider Man VS Batman

  10. James brown vs ray charles

  11. We need the ultimate Social battle, “Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) VS Tom Anderson (MySpace)”

  12. Rebecca Black vs. Double Take

  13. Chuck Norris vs. Muscles Classes

  14. I think you guys could do a much better version of this:

    I would also like to see a rap battle of Charles Darwin versus God. :-) Just a small request. ;-D

  15. jack sparrow vs captain morgan. if nothing else there would be rum

  16. Lebron James vs. Kobe Byrant

  17. optimus prime vs. megatron

  18. gud vs jesus

  19. make a batlle of aliens vs preadateur

  20. Luke Skywalker vs. Harry Potter

  21. im a huge harry potter fan and i think if you were to do a harry potter vs. edward cullen it would be awesome! or ginny vs. bella!

  22. Jack Bauer vs Indiana Jones

  23. Robert Mugabe (Zimbambwen Presisdent) and Nelson Mandela, that will be cool

  24. Walter payton vs Barry sanders
    Walter payton vs emmit smith
    Jerry rice vs randy moss
    The manning brothers vs tom Brady

  25. Please do Charlie chap line vs mr bean

  26. i think you should do

    sweet tooth vs th joker

    or alfred vs jarvis

  27. Wolverine vs Edward Scissors

  28. Scarface (Tony Montana) vs Griselda Blanco (Drug Lord)

  29. can you please do Flo from Progressive and the Geico Gecko?

  30. Hawke (Dragon Age II) VS Commander Shepard (Mass Effect 1 – 3)

  31. Here are my suggestions:
    Jim Henson vs Jeff Dunham
    Barney Stinson vs Chandler Bing
    Psi (breaker of Youtube’s counter) vs Kim Kardashian (breaker of the internet)
    Jaden Smith vs Kronk (emperor’s new groove)

  32. Also:
    The Avengers vs The Penguins of Madagascar

  33. What about, Queen Elizabeth I VS Janet Jackson? Both are queens. Queen of England vs Queen of pop?

  34. Why don’t you make a rap battle starring Percy Jackson VS Harry Potter? It would be the most epic one yet!

  35. plz make one kitt vs michale